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My Process

✧ My best practice: My potential clients provide reference of tattoos or drawings I’ve made in the past that they like, and if I’ve already given that piece of flash to someone else, at the appointment, we work together to make it special and unique to the wearer.

✧ I don’t currently have the bandwidth to do custom designs, but if you have a custom design idea that you think will go well with my style, tell me about it!

✧ My fee ranges from $250–600 per session.

✧ I tattoo Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays, from 12–8pm.

✧ All skin tones are welcome!! I am a body-positive, queer-friendly, and overall very chill person who just wants you to be happy and feel safe. If you have any concerns or questions, just reach out.

✧ I am a licensed tattoo artist by the City of New York.


My name is Kelly Thorn, and I am a multi-disciplinary artist, specializing in hand-poked tattoos, graphic art, illustration, and lettering. She/her ♡

I’m working out of Greenpoint-based Welcome Home Studio, giving hand-poked tattoos alongside Tea Leigh, Kelli Kikcio, Krista Morgenson, Michelle Marie, and Evan Paul English.

Something I find wonderful about working in this medium is the opportunity to meet and connect with people. A tattoo is oftentimes a beautiful and cathartic experience, and I love to be there to witness it, and hear about what my clients are learning about themselves.

I am also a graphic designer and illustrator at Charles&Thorn in the Pencil Factory. My partner Spencer and I specialize in branding, type design, lettering, and illustration.

Hand-poked tattoos are applied by using a tattoo needle held with the hand. This process is a bit less traumatic to the skin than using a tattoo machine, resulting in a slower application process, a quicker healing time, and a slightly more stippled line quality than a machine tattoo. It’s also a quieter experience, which allows us to have a conversation, which is a nice time.